It’s Super Bowl Sunday and the New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl for the 9th time in their history. Living in New England we’ve been fortunate to witness their great success and have been given many opportunities to root for them in the big game. I could draw parallels from the Patriots to Graphic Design and Hunchback Graphics, from ‘Do your job’ to Quarterbacks and Hunchbacks, however I’ll save all that excitement for later. As exciting as today’s game will be there’s something even more exciting I’d like to share.

This is the beginning of our new blog.

There. I said it. And when I publish this post, it’ll be real.

It’s going to be both Super and Awesome. We’re always busy doing fun and exciting things and we can’t wait to share what we do and what we learn with you. For better and for worse it’s going to be fun.

We hope you enjoy and feel compelled to contribute. We’re always looking to meet new people and hear different ideas and thoughts, so don’t hold back.

Stay Snazzy

P.S. GO Pats!