Curb Appeal is a lawn cutting service based in the Portland, ME area. Their indicated target market was upper middle class homeowners who can afford to hire a landscaper to supplement their busy lifestyles. We kept this in mind when designing the logo, and made a point to have the finished product appear clean and polished. We also wanted to emphasize the name of the company and play on the basis of their work, which is to raise curb appeal of the property by framing it in a beautiful green lawn and garden.


picture of Curb Appeals business cards designed by Hunchback Graphics
Curb Appeals logo and business card appeals to their clients


From here we carried the look of the logo to the business cards. It was important to us to have a bright white front to express a presence of cleanliness to potential clients. The back is primarily green to emphasize that the backbone of their work is a beautiful green lawn. The business cards are also functional, allowing Curb Appeal to set up future clients with an appointment reminder.