Millennion was a start up created by two friends and focused on strength training and mixed martial arts. We started this project by learning what we could about the MMA community. After learning about the sport and why the two owners set up shop, we infused our knowledge into their logo design.


a picture of Millennion Full Contact's logo and ninja shirt designed by Hunchback Graphics
Millennion Full Contact’s logo and ninja shirt


In conjunction with the opening of a new gym, we helped the guys develop some shirt graphics to establish a new clothing line. These shirts would be worn by their MMA fighters and reflected the interests and essence of the brand.


The first design used a stylized illustration of a ninja holding two kamas standing in front of a large custom seal that was developed for Millennion. The image portrayed a derivative of the fighting style the gym specialized in and was one of the brand’s core influences. The combination of the ninja with the seal gives off the feeling of power and dominance without feeling overly scary. The other design featured an eastern style dragon in front of a sea of throwing stars. Again, merging the brand interests, the resulting image is bold and eye catching.


picture of Millennion Full Contact's dragon shirt designed by Hunchback Graphics
This T-shirt design feature’s Millennion Full Contact’s logo ON TOP OF a stylized dragon