Hunchback Graphics has been sponsoring Rock Off Main Street at The Center for Arts in Natick since 2009. Rock Off Main St. provides a professional venue for high school aged aspiring musicians to showcase their original music.


poster for Rock Off Main Street designed by Hunchback Graphics
Some of the Rock Off Main Street promo out in the wild


When we got involved, the show was seeing a slight decline in attendance. In hopes to curb this trend, we revamped the show’s poster to feature pictures of the bands, as well as bring the overall feel of the poster up to date. In addition to modernizing the promotional materials, we continued the new look onto Rock Off Main St’s Facebook page. This helped to expand their social media presence and unified the look across marketing platforms.


To make it in the music industry requires the ability to self promote, so we developed a promotional program for the bands. We kept the design of the tickets very simple, allowing the information to be the most prominent feature. Each group gets a pdf of the tickets with their name in the featured position. The bands can print as many copies as they want, to distribute and advertise ahead of the show. The tickets allow the concert goers a cheaper admission price, but also, allows the people that run Rock Off Main Street to track who has done the most promoting. If a band gets more than a certain number of tickets in, they are financially rewarded. The tickets have been in use for over five years and have seen very positive results.


a stack of Rock Off Main tickets designed by Hunchback Graphics
A stack of tickets ready to be handed out